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You’re An African Professional That Lives In The Diaspora And You Want Financial Freedom. 


You are struggling to invest back home. You desire to find and buy their your home in Africa and generate a cash flow from the property you own that allows you to repay your mortgage with ease. BUT you are struggling with indecisiveness and procrastination, and are forever “just shopping around” and have never actually got started with your first home, and now it’s almost too late. Right now, you keep looking at the prices of property going up and wondering when you’re going to catch a break and find a great deal at last, not realising you probably just missed it. You fear that your whole life’s efforts to work and build financial security for yourself and your family have been useless and you continue to worry about losing the safety net of a regular income when its time to retire as you dont have the cashflow from a property that you could have invested in your earlier years, plus you would not be getting any closer to the goal that you’ve had for the past 3, 5, 10 years of owning a home. You are earning so much money but never feel like you have any left over, and remain longing to invest in a vacation property yet never feeling confident enough…

We Can Help

You are in the right place. We are helping our clients have money, freedom and security and the peace of mind that they are taking action towards building their future and owning a home they can call their own. Our clients can now see their net income actually climbing through putting their money into high yield real estate investments and building a property portfolio, rather than spending all their money like they did previously on passing fancies, while still being able to travel and have a fun-filled leisure life because of the extra income put back in their pocket. They never have to worry about how to pay the mortgage from their pocket ever again and they can have money, freedom and security in their life they can restore their relationships that have been destroyed by working night and day, and living hand to month.  To know more, watch our masterclass now.

  • How to implement a high yield strategy and triple or quadruple your rental income and the returns from your property back home, without spending hours a week in remote management of your property.

  • How to get financing for your dream property without all the hustle: AND while avoiding locking your money up in deposits to savings societies.

  • REVEALED: The well-kept secret used by global multi-billion dollar companies cashing in on the African short term real estate market that now YOU can use to explode your ROI.

  • How to finally get your property to put money back in your pocket and build a future for your whole family even if you bought a white elephant in the past that just took money out of your pocket.

  • How to finally get your money to start working for you instead of living paycheck to paycheck and wondering where your cash goes every month.

  • The little-known strategy for doubling your financing in the first 2 years that nobody is telling you about so you can kick start your property empire and grow a portfolio that will fund your retirement handsomely!

  • And how to do ALL this, plus, be on your way to hitting as high as a six-figure rental income within your first 2 years of operation.



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Jackie Tsuma


I have grown my real estate investments to six figure returns in just 2 years, 100% virtually and help other Africans professionals do the same.

I’ve lived abroad for over 12 years, and consulted with international organisations included the UN, and ACCOSCA among others

Anne Munyao

Anne Munyao

Senior Real Esate Investment Strategist

Julia Zawe

Julia Zawe

Assistant Manager

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